Sunday, 21 August 2016

Rainbow-making Unicorns - Fettercairn distillery

On our quest to fulfil the possibility to meet the many people in the whisky industry and hear their stories about their jobs and feel their passion making the most beautiful spirit in the world (in most cases this is whisky, but we have seen a handful of distilleries making other spirits where people are just as passionate), we drive up from our previous distillery visit in Brechin, and find ourselves in the lovely town of Fettercairn. Fettercairn - “the foot of the mountain”, has a pretty white pagoda-chimneyed distillery of the same name on the outskirts of the town, against a panorama of lush green hills, endless glens, clattering burns, thriving farmland and thick forests. In the distance, the Cairngorms mountain range already is visible, with the Royal Balmoral Castle not forty miles away. An other beautiful drive.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Underappreciated - The Glencadam Distillery

Ah, yes... It is no secret that traveling from England and the Lowlands of Scotland to the North to the Speyside region is one of the things we like to put on our holiday schedule often and regularly. We have come to learn that there is nothing wrong with taking the direct route along the A9 through the middle, or going through the beautiful Cairngorms, and stop at some of the “smallest”, “highest”, “experienced” or “most famous” distilleries on our way there, but this year we have been on an exploration route via some of the growing number of Lowland distilleries in the Kingdom of Fife, and have now come to the south-eastern parts of the Highlands, visiting some of the distilleries that are mostly off the beaten track when we are in Scotland.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Goodness from the ground up - Arbikie Highland Single Estate Distillery

Stillroom with a view
The Lowlands whisky region, where we just discovered a handful of new distilleries in the Kingdom of Fife, has its northern borders from an imaginary line between Greenock on the west coast of Scotland and Dundee on the east coast. Crossing the Tay Bridge and enter the Highland whisky region at Dundee, we decided to exit the A92 at our first possibility and head east on the Angus Coastal Route passing many picturesque villages like Monifieth and Carnoustie. There we were compelled to turn a little more landward back onto the A92 through Arbroath, to reach our destination of the morning, at Arbikie, Highland Single Estate Distillery.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Patience is a Virtue - Daftmill Distillery

For a long time, the Kingdom of Fife has been a region where the Cameronbridge grain distillery was the only whisky distillery miles around. Nowadays, as you have seen the last few weeks from our earlier articles, there are a handful of other distilleries in the area. When Francis Cuthbert and his Brother Ian started planning and building in 2003, they were the first Single Malt distillery in many years. Daftmill distillery has been operating for short periods per year ever since, and chances are you have never heard of them yet. Simple reason; as long as they are not completely satisfied with the maturity of the whisky, they are not releasing any yet. Makes complete sense to us - being in the area anyway, to send the brothers an email requesting a visit.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Cutting the bullshit - the Eden Mill distillery & brewery

From our cottage in Collessie we drove up towards the city of St. Andrews following the A91. About ten minutes before reaching the city, just before crossing the bridge over the river Eden we entered Guardbridge village, turned onto Main Street at the roundabout and followed the road until we reached the not exactly pretty buildings where the Eden Mill distillery and brewery is vested.

Originally, the site was a distillery in the Haig family heydays around the beginning of the nineteenth century, was closed in 1864. The family turned the site into the Guardbridge Paper Company in 1873, building the village around it. A small part of the buildings was kept in use to run the Seggie Brewery from 1869 until the 1890s. With various mergers and buy-outs the then Curtis Fine Papers company, went into receivership in 2008 and in 2010 the St Andrews University purchased the buildings in order to convert them into the UK’s first Carbon Neutral University Energy Centre.